Welcome to the website  of the KYOKUSHIN AIKO (Associated International KYOKUSHIN Organisation).


Dear members and karatefriends, another year has passed with a lot of difficulties according Covid 19.

I wish you and all your loved ones all the best and good health for 2022.

Hope to see you this comming year .

Thanks for your support this year and hope we will grow out to an bigger organisation.


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today new members of Associated International Kyokushin Organisation took there first exam for this organisation. They did these exam parallel with Ashihara International Karate Organisation of Hanshi Dave Jonkers.

Roy Beukenkamp  4e kyu
Jan Hartstra  4e kyu
Bjorn de Hoop 7e kyu
Jeffrey Molanus 7e kyu
Jesse Meijer 9e kyu.
next examn will take place in june 2022.

Kan een afbeelding zijn van 7 mensen, staande mensen, binnen en tekst

Hanshi Nico Gordeau welcomes new kuygrade members of Associated International Kyokushin Organisation (AIKO) of 2021. Examens have been held in Switserland at dojo of Sempai Maximillian Gusset.


Hadrien Bostavaron, France, 8.Kyu
Michel Murbach, Switzerland, 9.Kyu

Aladin Fahmy, Switzerland, 10 and 9.Kyu

This KYOKUSHIN branch is founded by Hanshi Nico Gordeau in close cooperation with Shihan Dave Jonkers of the Ashihara group.

The meaning of this cooperation is to establish an autonomous branch which behold a close cooperation with the Ashihara group.

We have chosen to participate with Ashihare to show that 2 styles of karate, which are close related can work close together but keep their own identity.

The meaning of this is to put the karatesport allround in the world instead of 1 style. This can only be done when there is a close cooperation between the styles of karate.

Shihan Dave Jonkers and Hanshi Nico Gordeau are already working together for many years to promote the karatesport.