Welcome to the website  of the KYOKUSHIN AIKO (Associated International KYOKUSHIN Organisation).

This weekend 15th -17th of october 2021 Maximilian Gusset from Switserland has paid a visit to the Netherlands(he was a student off Shihan Peter von Rotz and was teammember of the Swiss team with Andy Hug).

We use the weekend to train all Kyokushin kata and pinan to finetune this exam demands for his next level in cooperation with Hansi Dave Jonkers we did so in his dojo in Zuidlaren.

It was a meaningfull weekend in the sportive way and private way. We hope to see each other in the near future again.

OSUDue to last minute changing the corona rules it was not possible for me to make the journey to Romania.(because I had to go in quarantine for 14 days).

I was very disappointed because I was looking forward to go to Romania again.

Up untill Thursday last week the trip was organized and than suddenly they put Holland on red and the rules to enter the country were changed.

I hope that the government very soon change the rules again back to normal and I will be able to travel to various countries.

I thank the Ashihara organisation for inviting me and whish them the best with training whith Hanshi Dave Jonkers.


R.I.P. Hanshi Steve Arneil

I know Hanshi Steve Arneil for many years we met at the Open British Kyokushin Karate tournament many times in the 80/9, first as a fighter and later with my students. Wonderfull time with the Britisch competitors. A charismatic and 100% kyokushin heart, thanks for the memories. Osu Hanshi Nico Gordeau

This will be the first seminair after the lockdown. Hopefully this will be the start of many seminairs in different country as normal. Hope to meet you there.


Hereby I am happy to inform you that Shihan Dave Jonkers and I are going to travel again across the globe.

The schedule is:


September  9th until 14th     

under supervision of sempai Cristi Luculescu

Looking forward of working together again.

The following countries on our visiting list are:







If you are intrested in our visit for a seminair etc. in your country, please sent an email to nicogordeau54@ziggo.nl of use this contactform.

All this events depending of the regulations of Covid 19 of these countries.


Hanshi NICO

This KYOKUSHIN branch is founded by Hanshi Nico Gordeau in close cooperation with Shihan Dave Jonkers of the Ashihara group.

The meaning of this cooperation is to establish an autonomous branch which behold a close cooperation with the Ashihara group.

We have chosen to participate with Ashihare to show that 2 styles of karate, which are close related can work close together but keep their own identity.

The meaning of this is to put the karatesport allround in the world instead of 1 style. This can only be done when there is a close cooperation between the styles of karate.

Shihan Dave Jonkers and Hanshi Nico Gordeau are already working together for many years to promote the karatesport.